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Preparing for Study Abroad

Studying abroad offers many benefits, as well as adventures, new acquaintance and prospective professional connections around the world. Learning a foreign language is an obvious advantage,  comparing to students who speak native language only. Can you imagine, how many  opportunities you will have, studying in the most prestigious universities in the world! However, foreign education…

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The Language Barrier Fails When It Comes to Love

A language barrier between people and lack of understanding of each other, obviously, could be an issue. Some couples, who speak in different languages literally struggle with communication. In the most cases you find the accent of your loved one charming, moreover, the language of love is universal. So when you fall in love you…

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Bumping Up a Price and Moving ConveyThis to a New Height

We’ve been developing ConveyThis for 18 months so far. The initial release of our website translation widget took somewhere around 2 months. It was a cruel barebone language translator power by Yandex. It supported only JavaScript and WordPress versions and didn’t have any bells and whistles. However, the language switcher has been progressing over these…

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The Franchising Opportunity in the Language Industry – Open a Translation Agency

  The bar is set high. Let’s face it. That’s the challenge and I, the founder of Translation Services USA, is going to face. We’ve been in business since 2002. No kidding. The business grew every year since 2002 and fast forward to 2021, we’ve decided that it is the time to scale the business…

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American Entrepreneur

The American Entrepreneur

You can’t make a baby in less than 9 months. That’s how the old saying goes. And this is true to the extent. When we launched ConveyThis Translate back in March, 2018, it was a really rough project. The funny thing was, the lead developer who had the most experience in web technology was the…

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World Cup 2018: Schedule, group matches, how to watch live

Don’t miss this out. Russia hosts the World Cup 2018 in Soccer and Translation Cloud is proud to assist international fans. Word Cup is a multinational event. Thousands of soccer fans from South America, North America, Europe and Asia will flock to Russia in the event of witnessing their team to succeed. Translation Cloud is…

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I used Google Translate to translate my driver license

I Used Google Translate to Translate My Driver License!

  As you all know, machine translators such as Google Translate, were traditionally not very reliable. There are numerous horror stories of cheapskate customers who rely on it to translate their personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees and driver licenses and then getting in trouble because of that! Google Translate started…

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WooCommerce Translation Plugin

WordPress Translation Plugin For WooCommerce

The world of electronic commerce, or how we call it Ecommerce is growing. It began with back in 1993 and it continues today on WordPress. And if you are looking to start selling something online, nothing comes better than South African ecommerce plugin for WordPress: WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a popular plugin. According to the…

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Amazon Translate

Will Amazon Translate Disrupt the Language Industry? [OPINION]

It’s been pretty quiet here. Few large folks such as Google Translate, Microsoft and Yandex have split the world in pieces and divided it on a map. US is largely with Google, Russia with Yandex. The world was in the dynamic equilibrium and nothing notable has been happening since 2011. But! Let’s not forget about…

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Conveythis - Wordpress translation plugin

Free Weglot Alternative – ConveyThis Translate!

When it comes to making your WordPress website translated into multiple languages, the costs will start piling up quickly. Multilingual website in Spanish, French, German, Japanese or Russian is not an cheap amenity. At this point, you might have already tried Weglot or similar SaaS plugins. They work fast, require very little setup and pre-translate…

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