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The Value of Written Document Translation

Once I was travelling by train from New York to Boston!

When the train started, I was traveling alone in the AC-I coupe.

Some time later, a Beautiful lady came and sat in the opposite berth!

I was pleasantly Happy🙂

The lady kept smiling at me…
This made me even more Happy☺

Then she went and sat next to me….
I was bubbling with Joy😊😍🤗

She then leant towards me and whispered in my ear…

*”Hand over all your cash, cards and mobile phone to me , else I will shout loudly and tell everybody that you are harassing and misbehaving with me” *

I stared blankly at her 🙄

I took out a paper and a pen from my bag and wrote ” I am sorry, I can not hear or speak… Please write on this paper whatever you want to say”

The lady wrote everything what she said earlier and gave it to me!

I took her note, kept it nicely in my pocket…

I got up and told her in clear tones…”

*Now shout & scream !!*


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