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Can Machine Translators Get Sick with CoronaVirus?


CoronaVirus is a huge deal nowadays. The world is rumbling in anticipation of pandemic sickness and business of all sizes are scratching their head in the next move to make. Chinese people throughout the world are taking a blame for uneathing the virus and glimpses of hatred are seen everywhere. Our local Jersey City Chinese restaurant has seen a decrease in a number of visitors in the past three weeks. Everything “made in China” is being questioned and avoided. No one wants to get in contact with a carrier of Coronavirus.

We, the team behind Translation Services USA and ConveyThis, have contemplated this move for a long time. It seems that every business that employs humans, and we employ a lot!, is susceptible for human related breakage. People get sick, people get tired, people don’t come to work and people steal office supplies. People cost money and the cost of living is only increases. So, what smart we could do about people? For instance, website amazon receives 400 orders every second. They do it automatically without any humans and make the company makes the most money in the eCommerce business than anyone else. We have thought for a minute and decided to launch a new phone interpreting business without humans! How brave is that!

Traditionally, phone interpretation has been a human related business. Two people speak on the phone and a human translator acts as a middle person to translate a conversation from one language to another. It was a pretty good way to do things similarly how people used to blow dry their hair before electric blow dryers were invented. No one could every think of doing things differently. People spent their time and money on human linguists paying as much as $2 per minute and didn’t know of ways any better.

However, we’ve come up with a better way! When we launched in January 2020, we’ve revolutionized the industry by mashing couple of technologies that has been developed a decade earlier: machine voice recognition, machine translation, machine transcription. This had allowed us to fully eliminate humans as middlemen; and, therefore, this has resulted in 90% savings.

Thus, is the thesis: machine translators don’t get sick.

Try the new reliable machine phone interpreting service from for as low as $0.29 per minute and experience the difference.

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