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Multilingual Cybertruck? Alex Buran unveils a new AI technology to make your new Tesla truck smarter.

The news about Ilon Musk’s new cybertruck has roared the internet. Testa had received 180,000 pre-orders for a new cybertruck that would hit the showrooms soon 2021…

However, our leading translation agency is staying ahead of the digital curve! Today, our founder Alex Buran had unveiled an intention to build a new AI multilingual platform that would make your cybertruck multilingual!

As you know, traveling from US to Canada may force you to learn English and French. And traveling from US to Mexico would force you to learn Spanish. However, with the new AI platform from Translation Services USA each new cybertruck would be able to read road signs and translate them on the fly in your own language using 5G technology.

So far, we have received a huge interest from our freelance linguists who would like to participate in this program. They will be proofreading machine mistranslations and correcting errors. Combined efforts of leading machine translation AIs and human translators would ensure the top quality translations for Ilon Musk’s Cybertrucks.

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