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4 Reasons Every College Kid Needs to Intern at a Tech Startup


With summer here, we’d like to welcome our new summer interns to the office, and to celebrate, hare are 4 reasons we think every college student should intern at a tech startup such as Translation Cloud.

1. Learn to think on your feet.

Big companies cover their trainees with a safety and security blanket. Startups simply don’t have the sources to check all your work. Also you are provided a well-defined task and solid deadline. While you could request aid and advice along the road, the crucial difference is that people will in fact be relying upon your outcome and also thus will value your initiatives every bit more. You’ll make blunders, but you’ll learn brand new things much faster, and your entire team will certainly appreciate what you have done.

2. Find out whether or not you like it.

When it comes to a career field, too many college students simply follow their schoolmates or go after whatever they happen to study. Most individuals miss the target with their first arrow so don’t waste the precious chance being a pupil gives you by experimenting with different internships in as numerous areas as feasible. You’ll be much closer to understanding exactly what you do or do not want to do.

3. Learn interesting things.

By their nature, startups are not scared of utilizing the most recent web tools and methods. Even if you understand nothing about social media, web content advertising, SEO, e-mail re-marketing, data source inquiring, and so on you can learn. Experience with this stuff is hard currency in today’s electronic workplace.

4. Network with inspired and gifted people.

Good startups draw in the best people, encouraged by appreciating just what they do. Everybody working from Translation Cloud shares an interest to help the world connect openly. Start-ups have the tendency to attract those most willing to share their knowledge as well as experience with each other.

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