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WooCommerce Translation Plugin

WordPress Translation Plugin For WooCommerce

The world of electronic commerce, or how we call it Ecommerce is growing. It began with back in 1993 and it continues today on WordPress. And if you are looking to start selling something online, nothing comes better than South African ecommerce plugin for WordPress: WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a popular plugin. According to the…

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Amazon Translate

Will Amazon Translate Disrupt the Language Industry? [OPINION]

It’s been pretty quiet here. Few large folks such as Google Translate, Microsoft and Yandex have split the world in pieces and divided it on a map. US is largely with Google, Russia with Yandex. The world was in the dynamic equilibrium and nothing notable has been happening since 2011. But! Let’s not forget about…

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Conveythis - Wordpress translation plugin

Free Weglot Alternative – ConveyThis Translate!

When it comes to making your WordPress website translated into multiple languages, the costs will start piling up quickly. Multilingual website in Spanish, French, German, Japanese or Russian is not an cheap amenity. At this point, you might have already tried Weglot or similar SaaS plugins. They work fast, require very little setup and pre-translate…

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How to Translate Your Website with the Google Translate API

In this post, we talk about the heavyweight: the most popular solution on the market, Google Translator. We discuss its API, pricing, and go over a case study with our own ConveyThis project.

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Bing Translator from Microsoft: the Best Machine Translator for Your Website?

Bing Translator is a statistical machine translator which offers partial neural machine translation as well. Microsoft is famous for its operating systems, its software, and its search engine, Bing. Around 2010 they also developed their own machine translator to better compete against Google, Yandex, and the like.

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Yandex Translator: Pros, Cons, Limits, and Languages

Yandex Translator, a machine translator developed by Russian search engine Yandex, has been around since 2011. It’s not as advanced as Google Translate or Microsoft’s Bing Translator, but it does offer some benefits that are pretty unique to Yandex.

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Machine Translation 2018: Google vs. Bing vs. Yandex

Machine translation has traditionally been a difficult task to accomplish. But with the constant improvements in computer technology, the quality of machine translation has been slowly getting better over the years. And just as computers first learned to play checkers before the mastered chess, perhaps the next evolution of human-quality machine translation is just around the corner.

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Landing Page Translation in 2018

Since your landing page contains just the essential meaning of your product or service, you can focus on translating just it and not your entire website. And today there are now more options than ever for translating your landing page quickly, easily, and with high-quality results that will convert.

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Website Translation and Localization on a Budget

Over the course of many years, we’ve worked with many different clients with different needs ranging from website localization to simple translation to complex, dynamic translation solutions. We therefore know that when it comes to planning for localization, budgeting should play a big role. But how do you budget for website translation?

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SEO for Multilingual WordPress Websites

Hello everyone, my name is Alex and I’m the Founder of Translation Cloud. We’ve just posted a video to YouTube on SEO techniques for multilingual WordPress websites. In the video I go over some Search Engine Optimization techniques and show you how to make your website SEO friendly. Main topics include: Different domains Subdomains Subfolders…

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