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WordPress Translation Plugin For WooCommerce

woocommerce translation plugin

The world of electronic commerce, or how we call it Ecommerce is growing. It began with back in 1993 and it continues today on WordPress. And if you are looking to start selling something online, nothing comes better than South African ecommerce plugin for WordPress: WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a popular plugin. According to the WordPress Plugin Directory, this plugin has 3 Million active installations and is being downloaded a whooping 90,000 times per day! Lots of home and small business users use it to setup a simple online store and start selling goods and services online.

Our firm wasn’t an exception. The online store we have setup with my business partner was to sell marble thresholds online and its first version was on WooCommerce! The website sold $10,000 worth of goods in its first two months!

However, there was a catch. We wanted to sell our goods to French speaking Canadian and Mexican Speaking Spanish Neighbors. We checked all the existing translation plugins that were on the market and couldn’t find something that would fit! And we weren’t particularly picky. The free WordPress plugins worked so horribly, that we couldn’t fix the webstore layout even after removing them!

So, long story short. We have decided to create our own. Translation Cloud is a leading language translation provider after all. So, we took it seriously and have build a tool with end user in mind. It tooks us approximately two months to put something together, today, the existing plugin that we put into the WordPress directory is best WooCommerce Translation Plugin to date.

When you install ConveyThis WordPress Translation Plugin, it doesn’t break the layout. It is crucial! In addition, it has a FREE plan and options to create search engine friendly pages. Google will easily index your translated pages and will bring more visitors.

Of course, we have added PAID plans as well. We believe that if we build something great and that will make money for thousands of WooCommerce entrepreneurs, why can’t we charge for it? So, here we are. The best woocommerce translation plugin available in 2018. Check it out!

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