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The Future of Language Translation is Looking Bright.

The Future of Language Translation is Looking Bright.

When it comes to translating documents, computers are the new kids on the block.

They’re already changing the way we work, but they’ve only just begun to make their mark on the language translation industry.

With AI and machine translators becoming more and more popular, we wondered: How will they change things? And what can you do to prepare for this exciting future?

We asked some experts in the field what they thought about the future of language translation. Here are their answers:

The average project size shrinks in terms of price, but increases in terms for size. More and more documents need to be translated into multiple languages. This means that translators will have a lot more work on their hands than before—and that translates into higher demand for qualified translators!

Customers demand cheaper and faster translations which freelance translators can no longer afford to deliver. Customers want something better than what they could get from automated translation software or online translators—but they still want it at an affordable price point.

This means that there’s going to be a big shift toward hiring professional translators who have experience with both human-to-human communication as well as machine-to

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