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Neural Machine Translation will Smash The Language Barrier Soon

Most of the people even if they can easily read in the foreign language and have lots of words in their active vocabulary still have some troubles when it comes to speaking. And this is where machine translation cannot be of much help because it cannot handle slang, figurative phrases and much more.

The quality of translations made with the help of artificial intelligence is constantly growing and leading technology corporations to devote a lot of time to this issue. Now the dominating technology is known as Neural Machine Translation (NMT).

Neural machine translation is a deep learning technology that translates from another language within context, not just word by word.  Also such smart translators have their own vocabulary that is being refilled all the time and learning to understand  dialects and even predict slang. This is the best solution that most people need in order to avoid common stumbling blocks.

In most countries, the bulk of economic development lays on the shoulders of small businesses.
Even for large corporations it is not relatively easy to enter the international market. However, they can afford to hire local native speaking experts, translators and more. Small businesses do not have such luxury. Nevertheless if someone, having a small business, would risk his money and place a bet on product quality, service and marketing, they still have some sort of language barrier problem. When researching markets, it is usually turns out that the most attractive for your product or service market is exactly the one where English is not the main language.  In such circumstances it is very difficult to conduct business. To solve important issues, especially those related to finance, a complete understanding is required, and language barrier could become this very stumbling block.  Misunderstandings and even conflicts often occur in communication with colleagues.

Such technology will allow many small and medium businesses in different countries to expand their influence and sell their products and services all over the world.

This is also valuable to the national governments of different countries. They can use such technology in defense and intelligence sector. Many countries see this potential and invest into the development of AI in the translation field.

In 2017 “Lingmo International” designed “Translate OneToOne” and claimed it as “real-time independent translation earpiece”. The product was similar to Google’s “Pixel Buds”, but has more functions. However, it didn’t sell so well and the company now promotes their other product – “translation watches”. This device translate all the dialogs into over 20+ languages just from your wrist. The huge benefit of this creative tech is that it is working independently without the necessity of using a Smartphone or earphones.

At the end of 2017 one more innovative translation company Waverly Labs released their own version of the earphones with a translation function and this one turned out to be the better one. All these technologies are similar and are now using using Neural Machine Translation.

The velocity and accuracy of performing translations will increase exponentially within the development of AI and nanotechnologies. Today there is already a way to easily understand and talk to a person from some countries in the world, without knowing a single word of this language. Perhaps very soon this possibility could be implemented into some other “nano-thing” that we couldn’t imagine now and the language barrier will be gone forever.

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