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Hear Yourself Speaking Fluently in Any Language

Translator from BabelOn will speak in other languages with the voice of the user.

Recently there has been much news from the company that replicates anyone’s voice and interprets it into any languages within the exact same voice sound − BabelOn. Once recorded, their software can use your voice without you. You don’t need to take part in any further interactions. The company states that their recent crowd-sourcing projects are becoming more and more popular and they have almost enough funds to make the last improvements to bring the final product to life.

Let’s get back to the BabelOn’s past and find out how the idea was born and what it came through before becoming what we know it today.

How it works?

In fact it’s not so portable that it might seem from first glance. Perhaps, one day it will be integrated to some of the newest nanotechnologies and transformed to a mini bluetooth speaker that syncs with your smartphone, but today this process still requires some work and equipment.

So now the main process of replicating someone’s voice should happen at the studio or specially equipped facility. It might take from 20 to 30 minutes while the software learns the specifics of one person voice, tone, accent, emotions and gesture. The software converts all received data into one digital profile that stored in the company’s special electronic vault so it could be managed by the person’s request. Once finished, it could replicate the voice into any language. However, if someone wishes to have this unique translation in multiple languages they will need to pay extra for every additional language.

Who could it benefit?

The opportunities that come within what this software can do, are very extensive. This type of technology may be used for all needs of the show business, radio and television, singing and much more. Afterwards, the company plans to spread this technology to the needs of basic users. By the BabelOn creators opinion, it’s not what you say that is the most important, but how you say it.

Right now at the development stage, BabelOn offers everyone an opportunity to help bring this much promising project to life. They have different options you could choose from and contribute your experience when their software will be creating your digital profile. It costs some money and the more you’re ready to spend the more you can take advantage of it eventually. If you want to use all these translations made by their program in the future you will have this opportunity free of charge.

The software is already patented and within the fast-moving development of technologies it will soon become a reality. It’s well known that the main players such as Microsoft, Google, Intel, Apple etc already have some interest in this unique software.

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