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How To Translate Your Wix Website Using ConveyThis

How To Translate Your Wix Website Using ConveyThis

Easily translate your Wix website into multiple languages using ConveyThis. Simply create an account at, implement a simple code into your website and your site will easily translate into the multiple languages of your choosing! Credits to:

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TSU to Offer Pro Bono Translations in Light of the Coronavirus Outbreak

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the world, our thoughts and prayers go out to all our clients who may have been affected or have friends and family affected by this global outbreak. Translation Services USA’s ( mission is to help companies overcome global language barriers by offering enterprise-level translation services in more than…

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Best Machine Translator

Another Breakthrough in AI Translation Quality? Bad News.

Recently, an upstart company DeepL has released a blog article stating a remarkable breakthrough in AI translation quality. They claimed to achieve a four times better review scores in blind tests comparing Google Translate, Bing Translator and Amazon Translate This seems quite remarkable and I’ve became curious. I like such bold claims! As the owner…

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WooCommerce Translation

How to translate your WooCommerce store with the ConveyThis multilingual plugin

Translate WooCommerce Store – Make it Multilingual Finding the perfect WooCommerce multilingual solution can boost your sales and help you improve your localization strategy. Here’s how ConveyThis can help you translate every part of your WooCommerce store—including your checkout page and product pages—in just a few clicks. Outline: – How to create your ConveyThis account…

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Can Machine Translators Get Sick with CoronaVirus?

CoronaVirus is a huge deal nowadays. The world is rumbling in anticipation of pandemic sickness and business of all sizes are scratching their head in the next move to make. Chinese people throughout the world are taking a blame for uneathing the virus and glimpses of hatred are seen everywhere. Our local Jersey City Chinese…

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Translating your Elementor built website

Do you have any notions on computer programming? Then you should know creating a new website from scratch is definitely no child’s play. However, these days we have access to a number of no-code website building platforms that makes a lot easier the whole process of creating and launching our sites. Although having the input…

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Top Squarespace templates for your website

We often hear the first impression is the one, the very first thing that will strike your potential customer base. That’s why choosing the best Squarespace template to represent your online presence must be a thorough decision. This will be the face of your site and the first impression your potential customers will get from…

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6 Standout Ecommerce Trends for 2020

And here comes a new year, washing off the bad things from the last one and bringing in new milestones, goals, experiences and bits of knowledge. For those involved or interested in the ever-growing world of ecommerce, we thought of sharing today some of the new ecommerce trends you’ll be seeing a lot this 2020….

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The 10 Best WordPress Translation Plugins for Your Website (Updated)

With WordPress being a free and open platform, there are a lot of translation plugins options out there to suit the needs of almost anyone, from the small time blogger up through to the “big leagues.” Want to know the difference, and find out which one is best for you? Read on…

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Top 12 WordPress translation plugins 2019

Have you already tried adding a translation plugin to your WordPress site? I know, WordPress has so many of them available for us that sometimes choosing the right one can be quite a difficult and exhausting decision. That’s why in today’s post we’ll present you with the top 12 WordPress plugins and their respective features…

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