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American Entrepreneur

The American Entrepreneur

You can’t make a baby in less than 9 months. That’s how the old saying goes. And this is true to the extent. When we launched ConveyThis Translate back in March, 2018, it was a really rough project. The funny thing was, the lead developer who had the most experience in web technology was the…

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When is The Best Time to Localize the Game?

The global video game market is growing every year and is striking with its statistics, which has already crossed the threshold of $100 billion and continues to grow while the audience of these games is about one quarter of the entire earth’s population. Imagine that you have plans to create a game and monetize it….

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Interpreting Your Corporate Documents

Today it is becoming more and more profitable to increase the international presence of your company. The number of people with access to the Internet is constantly increasing, and accordingly, the number of your potential clients is growing. Recently it has become a favorite strategy for marketing and consulting agencies. Why implement a complex and…

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Spectacular Shows Are Now Available For Everyone!

According to the latest data, a record number of tourists visited New York in 2016-2017.Not surprisingly that for a 7-10 days vacation people find time to watch one, and sometimes even a few Broadway shows. The NYC shows are some of the best productions around the world, and even for non-fans of such performances, there…

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Why People Speak In So Many Languages?

Have you ever wondered how many languages people speak on our planet and why there are so many of them … From this day according to the estimates of linguistic scientists, there are about 7,000 different languages and about 2,000 of which have no more than 1,000 speakers. The most popular language is Mandarin Chinese,…

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What is Survival English or English for survival?

Survival English is a term used to talk about the essential English needed by someone in order to survive (live or work) in an English speaking environment. Survival English should be something only utilized by those traveling on vacation, going to an event, ordering a meal, giving an address to a driver, asking where the…

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Ways Translation Structures Your Life

Many people do not realize the many ways translation impacts their lives on a daily basis. Each day some aspect of your life is influenced or touched by translation in some way. Jobs The translation market was worth $33 billion dollars in 2012. There are more than 26,000 companies throughout the world that offer some…

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Motivating Freelance Translators

Motivating freelance translators and keeping them motivated is a tough task to keep up with. Having the work done by freelance translators allows more flexibility and performance on the task. Keeping them motivated is very important to ensure high quality and timely delivery on projects at hand. Get to Know Your Freelance Translators There are…

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World Cup Continue to Stress Everyone Out

The biggest part of the World Cup has  already passed and we are now in the lead for the most exciting games for the last and next four years. This championship is one of the most interesting for the past 20 years and none of the predictions came out true. Just look at those several…

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Google Translate Secret Functions

Today, almost everyone knows the popular worldwide service of free translations from Google Translate. However, despite the popularity of this service in the world, not all of its functions are widely known. According to the Google itself more than 600 million people use the service everyday and it translates more than 100 billion words per…

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