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Ways Translation Structures Your Life

Many people do not realize the many ways translation impacts their lives on a daily basis. Each day some aspect of your life is influenced or touched by translation in some way.

  • Jobs

The translation market was worth $33 billion dollars in 2012. There are more than 26,000 companies throughout the world that offer some type of translation services. While most of these are small businesses, they contribute to a healthy economy. Not only do these companies employ translators, they also employ those who work in tech, marketing, project management, sales, finance, and even the health field.

  • World Leaders

In countries like the US where one out of every 5 people speaks a language other than English while at home – translation plays a significant role in politics. Politicians have their websites translated into Spanish, and rely on translators and interpreters to communicate with voters who speak different languages.

  • Keeps the Peace

International diplomacy would not be possible without translation. Interpreters and translators do more than translate speeches and official documents. Translators also help with the exact wording of peace treaties, they assist in conversations and communications between world leaders. Translators also have the power to nurture relationships, providing awareness  and advice in helping the politician make the best possible impression for themselves.

  • Saves Lives

At most points in time a large project is in the works around the world in the health field. Countless medical offices have interpreters that work in health care facilities, whether it is a patient in a doctor’s office, or a refugee being treated after surviving violence. The health industry is a large field for translation.

  • Prevents Terror

Gathering intelligence information is critical in terror prevention, however, no matter how useful the information is, it is useless someone understands it. For example the words “Tomorrow is zero hour” were intercepted in Arabic on September 10 but were not translated until September 12, the day after the September 11th  attacks.

  • Entertainment

Whether we are talking sports, fashion, or magazines, chances are there is an interpreter on the field , or a translator has worked to translate the original piece of work. Some professional athletes reply on interpreters when moving from country to country for their careers. Also, movies and books require translation as well.

  • Romance

People are able to fall in love thanks to translation. Whether it is a card or a poem, translation helps a connection between 2 people. Love knows no barriers as long as translation is able to bring people together.

Take a moment to consider how often the translation profession is overlooked, and how critical it is to everyday society.

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