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A Collection of Tools for Freelance Translators

Tutorials » A Collection of Tools for Freelance Translators

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Freelance translators have the unique luxury of working for themselves. They set their own hours and rates and rely only on their own expertise to get the job done. However, that doesn’t mean they have the luxury of time, as any freelance translator will tell you, it’s hard word. That being said, there are tools on the web to help those freelance translators to make their job easier. These collections of tools may be available to them for free or there may be a charge to use them. While this is definitely not a comprehensive, here are a couple of tools that freelance translators can add to their collection, if they haven’t done so already:

  1. Desktop Translators would be the most basic tool in the collection. They are easy to use and are able to translate a lot of material all at once.
  2. Clipboard Translators are most useful for translating short sentences or phrases from time to time.
  3. Chat Translators are helpful to those who carry out their entire work and communication with their clients online. When speaking to their clients through chat, there may be language restrictions. Using chat translators, they can understand their client’s instructions and follow them with ease in order to produce an effective translated copy.
  4. Translation Accelerator for Web is a tool which provides a fast translation of entire web pages within seconds. They are very useful for freelance translators who work on website localization.
  5. Free Translation web sites (such as Google Translator or Bing Translator) can be a blessing or a curse, depending on who you ask. However, in a pinch these tools can help you get a general meaning of a phrase you may be stuck on.
  6. Widgets are kinds of applications which are embedded into any web site, blog or any social networking account. Usually these are instantaneous translations, similar in quality to other machine translation tools.
  7. Translation Applications for Mobiles are perhaps the handiest tool, especially for translators on the go. Since mobile devices stay with you all the time, a freelance translator can carry his or her work anywhere he or she goes.
  8. Translation Toolbars are another big help for freelance translators. These toolbars help to make it easier to organize all widgets and shortcuts for the freelance translator and thus help them to remain as efficient as possible.
  9. Social Networking Translation Applications are meant for those translators who localize clients’ social media accounts or blog posts. These tools can be very useful when someone posts something from another language, and translators need to translate it for their client.
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Tutorials » A Collection of Tools for Freelance Translators

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