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Translation and Globalization Go Hand In Hand

Tutorials » Translation and Globalization Go Hand In Hand

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Since the advent of the internet, globalization has increasingly become the end-game for industries and individuals alike. Never before has it been so easy for one to make connections with someone living on the opposite of the world, almost instantaneously. As such, businesses have shifted their approach to now focus globally, rather than merely just local.

One barrier still remains in place though, and that’s the language barrier. Naturally, the translation industry has seen a recent insurgence of business due to this globalization trend. While ultimately this can make a lot of people happy in the translation field, it is not all roses. As many pros there are to globalization, there are still some cons to contend with.

So let’s take a look at some of the ways Globalization has affected the translation industry.

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With globalization and the internet in full effect, it has never been easier to find sources of work. Businesses will always be churning out new material, and with a focus on a global audience, translators of all languages are seeing an increase in available projects. Likewise, it is now easier than ever to find new clients, with the internet offering opportunities at the click of a button.

That being said, while the need for translation services has increased dramatically, translators however now face a dramatic insurgence of competitors. While there is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, the overwhelming abundance of available translators has certainly led to a lot of undercutting of price rates. Clients who may not know any better about the finer points of accurate translation practices, will most likely go with an offer with a lower price, unknowingly sacrificing quality to save a couple of bucks. This has led to many quality translators undeservedly having to slash their prices in order to compete.

That being the case, you will also find a lot more books and reading materials being translated for a global audience as well. What at one time may have been too costly to produce, many local books are now being translated thanks to the availability of more potential consumers. However, another downside to consider is that with all of the cross-cultural interactions, many colloquial phrases are requiring translation without having enough time to be properly “adopted” into the target language lexicon. Therefore, more and more language mixing (more commonly referred to as ‘foreignising’) of words is taking place. This can lead not only to a lot of confusion on the translator’s end, but also to a trend of hybrid languages.

Overall, globalization is here to stay. So despite some of the less-appreciated aspects of what globalization and the internet has done to the translation industry, the possibilities and opportunities it has created has certainly eclipsed the negative.

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Tutorials » Translation and Globalization Go Hand In Hand

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