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Nine Markets that Benefit Greatly from Translation Services

Tutorials » Nine Markets that Benefit Greatly from Translation Services

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While practically any business can benefit from translation and localization services by increasing their global presence and international market, it seems some markets would be completely lost without utilizing language translation services.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of these industries, and how big of a role translation services play in their operation.


While English is the official language in the scientific community, without translation, many non-English speaking individuals would have a hard time getting to the point they are at without some help along the way.  While doctors must have an excellent grasp of English in order to be successful at their job, there are many times when having a particularly comprehensive paper to read with material that may be new or groundbreaking would be much more easily comprehended in the doctor’s native language.  In these cases, properly translated medical documents can be invaluable.  Likewise, there are just as many times when the English documents (such as manuals, medical records, patient records, prescriptions, etc.) need to be translated into numerous other languages for the public.


Just like medicine, English is the official language in the pharmaceutical industry as well.  However, there are many times when pharmaceutical companies want to expand their business internationally.  Translation of their communication materials can be a great asset in facilitating understanding and make the process run a lot more smoother and efficiently.

3.Information and Technology

Nowadays, the IT market seems to be one of the most vertical and diverse markets.  Most, if not all, of the larger IT companies operate on a global scale, even if it’s in regards to the manufacturing taking place overseas.  Organizations in this market require their technical documents to be translated, not only for internal purposes, but for their consumers as well.  Due to the diverse nature inherent to technical products, most companies market internationally.  In order to do so, not only do marketing materials need to be translated, but their technical documents, instruction manuals, and anything else technical in nature related to their product.  Without a skilled technical translator, any sort of global market would come grinding to a halt.


Many international companies rely on legal services to facilitate transactions, handle lawsuits, and ensure protocol is followed in business dealings.  The legal department is one of the most important parts of any business, as without a proper legal team, a company can sink fast.  When dealing with clients or partners overseas, contracts are extremely important and every word must be translated precisely, otherwise confusion and legal problems could arise.  For this reason, a good legal translator is worth their weight in gold, even if it’s just to ensure everything goes smoothly.

5.Travel and Tourism

The entire travel and tourism industry is based on global interaction.  Without proper translation, their clientele would be extremely limited, with destinations being the Grand Canyon and Utah’s largest ball of twine.  Proper translations help sell the destinations to their customers through marketing with exciting and creative localized language.  Without proper translations, customers would be less than interested in visiting, and the industry itself would become grounded.

6.Website development

In this day and age, a company’s website is their face to the entire world.  Whether a business has a brick and mortar location or not, the website is what the majority of people will see.  Whether the company is building their website themselves hiring a company to do it, whoever builds the website must take into account the different audiences around the world.  Translators are needed to translate the website content appropriately, with language consistent to the particular targeted culture.  Oftentimes, translated text can vary greatly in size between languages.  Developers must be able to work with the translators in order to take into account the various character lengths when designing the placement of images, buttons, and overall layout of the website.

7.Finance and Banking

This is a global economy, and as such comes with it constant interaction with various foreign languages in the global trading environment.  In order to attain new customers and a high level of consistency in communication, excellent translation services are needed.  When it comes to money, strong relationships and trust are essential.  Without consistent and accurate translation of financial documents, forms, transactions and communications, that trust can be lost easily. 

8.Advertising and Marketing

Any good business knows the value of a good advertising and marketing company.  These companies are adept at creating advertising campaigns that target potential customers in the best way possible.  When the target markets are other cultures, translators are needed to fill in the gaps, so to speak, by taking their vision and message and translating it so that their target markets feel it was created specifically for them.  This can be harder than it seems, as advertising language is often very different than traditional text.  In advertisement, language is often short, but packs a big “punch.”  Translators must be able to recognize the meaning behind the words and translate that into the target language in the same way in order for the campaign to be successful.

9. Government

Whether it’s on the local or federal level, government organizations are required to showcase a level of unmatched professionalism, as they are the representatives for that particular county, state, or country.  Likewise, they are expected to communicate effectively with members of various cultures and countries (how much depends on the level of government).  When they do, proper translation services are required to avoid any potential gaffes or misunderstandings, as well as showcase their commitment to cultural diversity. 

There are of course plenty of industries that require translation services.  This is by no means a comprehensive list.  However, try to imagine any of the ones in this list getting by successfully without translation.  It’s next to impossible!

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Tutorials » Nine Markets that Benefit Greatly from Translation Services

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