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Is the Translation Profession Right for You?

Tutorials » Is the Translation Profession Right for You?

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Translation, like any other profession, has its ups and downs. Though some ma think of it as simply a way to make some extra money on the side, there is more to translation than just speaking two languages. Translation is a true career, and it takes a lot of time, experience, dedication, and commitment—but with the right mindset and hard work, it can be a fulfilling, and rewarding, profession.

Here are a few of the reasons that some people chose the life of a professional translator as their career:

To Work From Home

I'm fortunate as a translator to be in a carer that allows me to work from home. I am a new father and being able to be home with my child during the day is a greater benefit than any office job could provide.

— Nikola M., Macedonian translator

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A Passion for Language

Seeing a foreign cartoon in my own native language as a child sparked an interest in the idea of language in me at a young age. I chose to learn to speak more than one language out of this love, and as years went on, in order to take that passion to the next level, I looked into professional translation as a career. Being a translator has allowed me to learn even more about communication between people and cultures and has helped me to broaden my understanding in the field of linguistics in a way that simply cannot be achieved through study and academics alone.

— Reza G., Farsi translator

To Be My Own Boss

Being a professional translator allows me to be in control of my life in ways that couldn't in another career. I can choose what clients I want to work with and how much or how little work I take on from day to day and project to project. I can structure my job around my life rather than vice versa and spend my time focusing on what's most important to me first above anyone else.

— Maria D., Spanish translator

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Tutorials » Is the Translation Profession Right for You?

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