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A Step by Step Guide to Globalizing Your Website

At Translation Cloud, we’re frequently approached by companies aiming to globalize their web sites or products for the very first time. For companies preparing internally for the globalization procedure, below are three quick steps that cover the essentials:


The engineering and also resource work required prior to you can adjust your product/website/app to a specific nation:

  • Unicode support to handle multilingual characters.
  • Enable databases to deal with multilingual data.
  • String externalization so that translators do not need to work in your code.
  • Separate message from pictures to permit use in several places.
  • International authoring devices (for some web content; by streamlining your English source text, you could make localization easier).
  • Multibyte and right-to-left enablement as needed (e.g. for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.).
  • Design international portal (navigation between your international websites).
  • International network response times (e.g. do you require a CDN?).
  • Date, time, currency localization (secure hard-coded place presumptions).
  • Set approach for international internet domain names (e.g. country-specific domain names as well as sub-domains).


The job of adapting the language of a product/website/app to a particular geographical locale:

  • Obtain and also configure your internet domains; choose approach if some are taken.
  • SEO keyword localization and also international SEO plan (e.g. avoiding combined language as well as duplicate material).
  • Figure out localization memory administration demands and techniques.
  • Choose localization techniques for different sorts of material: typical vs. group vs. machine.
  • Translation resources determined (outsourced vs. interior).
  • Identify strategies and sources for review procedure.
  • Attach localization process to your CMS if you have one.
  • Assign devices as well as processes for localization metrics reporting.
  • Configure high quality system to track internationalization as well as localization flaws.
  • Determine tools/connectors needed for localization operations management.

Business international preparedness

Locations that need special interest when globalizing:

  • Marketing email system has the ability to handle e-mails in target languages.
  • Data base offered in target languages with online connection to localization solution.
  • PR/marketing sources identified for target markets.
  • Customer assistance representatives able to handle non-English queries/cases.
  • Online ads adjusted to place.
  • Site analytics set up for international websites.
  • Community content mediators able to handle global content.
  • Globalization cost monitoring and reporting strategy in place.
  • CRM system and sales team furnished to manage multinational leads.
  • Geo-specific companion environment approach in place.

These suggestions are a rich mix of methods, plans, and devices required for effective international deployments. Translating a website or product requires special treatment, and we enjoy helping you prepare for it at an early stage.

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