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How to Localize Your Business for the French Market

If growth into France straightens with your business’s objectives, it could be an extremely beneficial market to explore. Here are several understandings into planning for language localization targeted towards French target markets.

Quick realities

There more than 220 million French indigenous audio speakers around the globe, making French one of the most widely spoken languages

With over 85 million international visitors seeing the country in 2015, France is the world’s leading traveler destination

France is the third largest EU ecommerce economic situation, valued at roughly $72 billion in 2015

France had regarding 30 million online buyers in 2015

Aesthetic style

Compared to Asian web sites, for instance, European sites generally display merely made user interfaces with simple messaging. France, in particular, is a highly aesthetic nation. French internet sites are usually very stylistic, often consisting of abundant graphical aspects as well as top quality images. As a result, a focus on layout and also visual content resonates highly with French target markets.

Translation suggestions

As a whole, localizations from English into French require regarding 15– 20% even more words, making target localizations a lot more extensive. This is simply a linguistic feature of the French language, and services looking to localize should take this into factor to consider when creating and also introducing French internet sites.

Furthermore, you must bear in mind the geographic area as well as dialect you desire to localize into. For example, French Canadian is distinct from the French talked in France. Just because your content is localized into French does not necessarily imply that the content will be comprehended by both target markets. Don’t make the blunder of using one language for both markets– you’ll offend a minimum of one populace. Subtle inconsistencies such as suitable word selections could be a motoring factor in developing quality relationships with clients.

Is France on your roadmap for global expansion? Translation Cloud has actually helped lots of organisations expand right into France and other French-speaking markets. After introducing the French version of their internet site in 2014, designer homeware seller Amara saw eruptive growth, with a 20% boost in conversion rates from France and a monstrous 650% boost in income within one year.

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