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Writing Guidelines When Submitting Articles to Translation Cloud

Write for Translation Services USA

Translation Services USA is building a large, comprehensive, and beautifully written collection of tutorials. We are always seeking new authors to share their knowledge in the translation services community, whether as a client, translator, business owner, or developer in the field.

To become a Translation Services USA author, submit a tutorial below on any topic you think would be of use or interest to others. We’ll review it, and if we like it, post it for the world to see!

Articles should:

  • Be informative, useful, and well-written on interesting topics related to the translation or translation-tech industry
  • Include links to sources if references are included
  • Be in “tutorial” format, i.e. should explain ‘How to’, ‘What is’, etc..

Articles should NOT:

  • Be self-promotional or about your own company/website/etc. You will have a space in the by-line to include your name and/or company and one link to your site for this purpose.
  • Be posted elsewhere on the web. Articles must be original.
  • Be “fluff” pieces. Please view the articles already posted for examples of what we are looking for.


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