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What is Translation Memory?

Translation memory (TM) is a system that stores formerly localized content and makes it readily available to translators for reuse. For firms with highly repeated material, it could be an effective device to boost rate, uniformity as well as expense effectiveness.

It’s something that has long been utilized within the localization sector and also, over the past couple of months, we’ve been testing an improved Translation Cloud-flavored version that we’ve incorporated with our localization workbench.

Translation Cloud’s TM system gives a joint setting for our area of 20,000+ translators to capitalize on each various other’s understanding and also include worth to a firm’s existing corpus of localizations.

Ecommerce business converting item descriptions could typically anticipate 15– 30% of their web content to be repetitive. By making use of TM, they could experience reduced turn-around times in addition to high quality gains via uniformity when the very same localizations are reused.

To ensure uniformity and top quality are preserved, we’ve implemented tracking mechanisms as well as routine cleansing to prevent bad localizations from circulating within each TM. We’re working hard on extra controls to better minimize this issue.

If you’re interested in discovering more concerning how TM can help you or have an existing one you want to recycle, please call our sales team.

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