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What’s the Difference: Translation and Localization

As a business that provides both translation as well as localization services, Translation Cloud is usually asked just what the distinction in between translation as well as localization is. These terms are commonly made use of reciprocally and there is quite a bit of overlap between them, yet there are likewise crucial differences.

Translation is the word-for-word making of resource text from one language (i.e., English) into an additional (i.e., French). Translation is fairly actual–– the source and target-language message need to use the exact same words and also terminology as well as basically be mirror-images of each other. For legal file translation, clinical translation of labeling and also instruction, conformity document, or other regulatory or lawful records, a specific translation is all that is needed and also localization solutions are not suitable. Translation is usually billed per word.

Localization entails translation plus adapting the target-language web content to share the very same definition and also connotation in the target society. Its important to keep in mind that localized content will certainly not be an actual, word-for-word translation. Words and also expressions will certainly be altered to finest show just how ideas and suggestions are shared in the target culture. For instance, an actual translation of the French expression “mystere et boules de gomme” into English would certainly check out “mystery and also gumballs.” However this wouldn’t make good sense to an English reader. To provide it the same connotation in the target language, you would translate the expression right into “that’s a puzzler” or “the plot thickens” depending upon the context. Now the expression will “function” in English as well as be local for an American target market. Localization services generally consist of adjusting the language for the target audience, transforming days, time, and dimensions, adjusting symbols and also graphics as well as transforming the color scheme of a product or website to what jobs best in the target society.

Localization services are commonly used for web sites, advertising materials, social networks, PC gaming and various other material that is aiming to get to international consumers or attract a big target country audience. Localization calls for understanding local culture and also expression, in addition to an excellent understanding and also fluency in both languages as well as the pertinent subject experience. Localization solutions are either billed each word, per hour, or as a flat task charge.

To sum up, depending upon your web content, it should be fairly simple to figure out whether you require translation services or localization solutions. If you need additional information or have concerns about this subject, please call us today.

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