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Staffing Solutions for Translation Agencies

We will find the right freelance translators for your growing translation agency or company. It is sometimes challenging to look for freelance translators of rare languages such as Somali, Hmong, Amharic and others. Even among popular languages such as Spanish, French and German, there might be a need to find a very experienced person with a very specific specialization. We make this job easy for you and save your HR department hundreds of hours searching for someone with the proper credentials. Even if you do the search yourself, chances are that your company will get ripped off by translators who are overcharging or less unqualified for the task at hand. That’s not the case when using our staffing solutions. We employ a thorough background and reference check as well as a preliminary translation test. Also, we pre-negotiate reasonable payment rates and won’t let someone ask more than the going rate in a country where the translator resides. Hence, we do all the hiring work for you.

Here are some questions you might ask before you make a decision to stick with us.

What we do?

We offer you freelance translators that will fulfill your current and ongoing translation needs.

What are your charges?

You have a choice of two options. One is a fixed charge for supplying a translator. It varies between $15,000 and $25,000 per person. The other option is to take a percentage of the person’s earnings. The percentage varies from 25 to 50 percent of an agreed payment to a freelancer.

What is your guarantee?

We offer a 30 days guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the translator we supplied to you within 30 days, we will find you another qualified person at no additional charge.

What is your competitive advantage over conventional employment agencies?

Our advantage is very noticeable. Since we are a translation agency ourselves, we know this industry inside and out. No other employment agency can offer such depth and specialization as we do. We have access to over 10,000 of qualified freelance translators worldwide. Everyday our company receives many resumes from freelance translators who are looking for a job. We can supply your company with any number of freelance translators.

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