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Translation Services USA is a leader in its business. We are proud to be able to translate text of any complexity from French Canadian to English and English to French Canadian language pairs. In addition, we work with over 100 other languages. Our company has achieved popularity due to the quality of the work performed. Our linguists, programmers and translators are the best experts in their field. Each employee performs a clearly defined task at the highest level.

What is the translation?

The translator’s work is not limited to literal translation of the text. It is necessary to adapt the resulting text to the traditions and culture of the readers, preserving the original message. We offer a number of important and useful services to our clients:

  • Interpretation on French Canadian
  • Translation of documentation from French Canadian to English and English to French Canadian
  • Development and adaptation of French Canadian sites
  • Legal translation of French Canadian
  • Artistic translation of French Canadian
  • Audio and video translation of French Canadian
  • Aspect translation of French Canadian
  • Simultaneous interpretation of French Canadian


Our employees have pre-professional skills, which allows them to focus on the tasks, increase the speed of translation, as well as to be attentive to the details. Our company's translators' activities are complemented by highly focused and specific processes and features. Be sure that your document, text, abstract, audio file will be in the hands of a professional, who realizes what he or she is writing about. After all, it is extremely important.

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Our workflow consists of successive steps. For starters, you can find out the cost of our services free of charge just by contacting us online or by other means. Then we agree with you on the volumes, terms and cost of services. Now we take care of professionals. Our translators and linguists distribute the work among themselves depending on their specialization (law, medicine, literature, etc.). This ensures high quality and clarity of translation.

We do not use automatic translation in any case. For us it is a taboo. Although machine translation saves translators time, it can have a number of negative consequences:

  • Inconsistency in wording
  • Lack of logic in translation
  • Misstatement
  • The possibility of conflict situations occurring against the background of an incorrect message

As these moments are extremely important for each client, we translate only ourselves. Do not worry that information about your company or you will be available to a wide range of people. Our employees are competent, they are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Facts about French Canadian

Canadian French translation
  • The total number of carriers of French Canadian is 7.3 million people, 2 million people speak it as a second language.
  • There are two subtypes of French Canadian: Joual and Chiac.
  • In some provinces of Canada, there are native French-speaking communities.
  • In order to do business with Canadians, you will need translations of texts into French Canadian.
  • Just contact us and we'll be sure to help you.

Adapting platforms

According to statistics, most buyers when visiting the site or blog pay attention to the data available to them. That is, if a resident of Canada will visit your site and does not find information on French Canadian, he is likely to leave the site, not meeting their needs. In order to avoid this situation, we suggest that you install a specially designed extension for your site or blog, which can translate the web page into dozens of popular languages.

Translation plugin for website

Free website translation pluginFor blogs and small, personal sites, we offer simple, free website translator tools and WordPress plugins you can self-install on your page template for fast, easy translation into dozens of major languages. (If you fall into this category, check out our Free Website Translation Services for more details!)

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