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Professional Translation Services

Translation Services USA (TSU) offers professional language translation services in more than 100 languages by human translators.

We have expertize in all areas of translation and interpretation industry: medical translation, technical translation, legal translation, internet translation, professional online translation and others.

Achieving a good translation requires the following skill sets:

  • Translation – Translation work is too often perceived as a word replacement exercise performed by someone who happens to speak two languages. In fact, translation is much closer to authoring than to dictionary manipulation. TSU' translators must understand the meanirce text before they can rewrite it correctly in the target language. Translators must be professionals who are native speakers of the target language and have a good translation understanding of the company's business and their target audience.
  • Editing – TSU editors are senior translators. They are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the translation, terminology, grammar, style and level of language.
  • Proofreading – TSU proofreaders are responsible for correcting spelling translation mistakes, and for making sure that the translated document is equivalent to the original one in terms of function and layout (i.e. the table of contents, pagination, index and graphics are all functional).
  • Desktop Publishing – Desktop publishing may be required in translation projects, either because the original document is already typeset in formats such as Quark Express, PageMaker, or InDesign, or because the customer needs the final document to be in a typeset format although the original document may be in a Word format. Even when the final document need not be in a typeset format, some work must be performed on the layout of translated documents (e.g., generating the table of contents and index, adjusting the page flow, solving expansion problems, etc.). The TSU desktop publisher's responsibility is to produce a final, ready for print, electronic version of the document, including all graphics and design features.

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