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Translation Services USA is a company with extensive experience and proven leadership. We are ready to offer you top-notch quality translation of texts from Russian into English or from English into Russian and dozens of other languages. Our team consists of the best specialists, who are professionals in their field.

Translation should unite people, bring the necessary information, improve and establish relationships. That's why we strive to make sure that competent people in this field are involved in translation. In other words, we avoid situations when a medical interpreter does not understand medicine. It avoids dangerous mistakes, increases the quality of translation and importantly, creates a good reputation for us.

The most popular services

On the website you can find a number of important services offered by our company. One of them is online translation of texts. You can choose the necessary language and translate the text of any complexity.

However, we strongly recommend you to choose a professional translation for Russian to English and English to Russian language pairs from our certified translators. Our services include:

  • Simultaneous interpretation from Russian into English, from English into Russian
  • Translation of documents from Russian into English and vice versa
  • Artistic translation of Russian-English and vice versa
  • Translation of audio and video files from Russian to English and vice versa
  • Aspect translation from Russian language
  • Development and implementation of the website in Russian
  • Adjustment of translations from the Russian language
  • Scientific translation


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Contact us to find out the cost of the requested translation in seconds.

Our services meet strict quality standards and we pay great attention to the accuracy of the final material. Be sure that the translation you receive fully corresponds to the original, i.e. the idea, subject matter, and message of the original source of information are preserved.

Refusing machine translation

In the modern world, in the era of automation, it is much easier to translate the text with the help of various automatic translators. However, it often happens that the program will change the meaning of the text and even make it offensive or incorrect. Of course, you don't want to hurt anyone, start a conflict, or even get a subpoena. Therefore, we recommend you to make a choice in favor of a human translator who knows not only the language, but also understands the topic you are interested in. We will never entrust the translation of documents to a journalist, student or someone with no translation experience. This is our main advantage.

Interesting facts about the Russian language

russian translation

Everyone knows that Russian is spoken in Russia, but Russian is widespread in Eastern Europe, the Balkan Peninsula, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Israel, Canada and the United States.

The Russian language ranks sixth in the world in terms of the number of speakers.

In terms of the number of native speakers, the Russian language ranks eighth in the world.

According to the data for 2018, more than 260 million people speak Russian in the world.

Russian is the second most popular language on the Internet, second only to English. The first words that the cosmos heard were in Russian.

According to some reports, Russian is the fourth most translated language in the world. In the UN, Russian is considered one of the six official languages.

Many words in Russian have several meanings that are understandable only in context.

Adaptation of websites

Our world is constantly developing; people are getting closer to each other thanks to the Internet. A lot of useful contacts appear thanks to the World Wide Web. In addition, buyers and customers have adapted to the changes in the modern world and are no longer afraid to cooperate with foreign companies.

Therefore, it is important to adapt your website or blog for foreign customers. How to do this, you ask? Just install our free expansion, which can translate a web page into dozens of popular world languages. This will increase the popularity of your resource, make it more relevant and popular.

Translation plugin for website

Free website translation pluginFor blogs and small, personal sites, we offer simple, free website translator tools and WordPress plugins you can self-install on your page template for fast, easy translation into dozens of major languages. (If you fall into this category, check out our Free Website Translation Services for more details!)

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