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A Comic Wedding Certificate

How to overshadow all others gifts with yours without spoiling the wedding?

Wedding certificates have become very popular these days.
With their help you can bring a lot of fun to the party and complement your gift to newlyweds with fine humor. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make this day for friends more memorable and exciting this way is just for you.

Gift certificates can be given for winners in competitions, organized nominations and invited guests can choose nominees, or they can be handed out during your toast.

Ideas and Pitch

There can be a lot of interesting ideas about various promises and certificates like “Wish-Maker Certificate”, “Limited Service Certificate”, but this is more related to a real gift that you can present for the celebration. For the spoof you need something extravagant. Think about what a young couple needs right now: maybe they have just got involved in a mortgage, have taken a loan for a car. Maybe they will be amused by a certificate from NASA for a space flight, a villa in Monaco, or the news that they are in the INTERPOL list, or released from taxes for good. Today, the trending topics are “Star Wars”, and “Game of Thrones”. As a gift, you can present a shield with a sword, as a symbol of the defender of the family and a certificate of knighting of the “Jedi”. Such gifts usually cause a lot of positive emotions. In general, you know these people better than anyone and the success of the idea depends entirely on your diligence and imagination. Make an official message, look at the samples of these certificates on the Internet and make a comic notarization.


Formalization of certificate is no less of an important detail than the idea itself and the text of the message. When you pick up this type of gift, it is worth asking in what style everything will it be arranged at the wedding, what is the preference in tastes of the groom and the bride. If the certificate is for one or more guests, then also find out their tastes. Poor design, such as poor quality paper, cheap visualization and banal simplicity can cause a negative effect. Weddings are the most important event in the life of most people. They expect that you will take this no less seriously. Imagine the admiration of a man when he takes your certificate in his hands, originally and perfectly designed, touches velvet paper. Such design will deserve common respect and praise. So no matter how original the idea may be cheap performance can cause guest’s embarrassment, including your own.

Do not do it list

– If one of the newlyweds is not a fan of the adrenaline, it is better to avoid any kind of sports gifts (popular example – the groom was given a certificate for a skydiving, and the wife expressed her indignation right at the wedding and asks who the person is that wants to kill her husband)

– To give a certificate of something really extravagant or questionable that it will be a long time to lie in a box and eventually expire

– To give something, what can become a reason for the quarrel of the future spouses (certificate for massage for the groom for a strange massage salon, it is better to check how such a thing be treated by the future wife)

– To give a sponsored invitation to the best fish restaurant for admirers of meat or sponsored invitation in the popular steakhouse, if one of the recipients is a vegetarian.

– To give something that affects only one of the participants of the celebration (exception – if you know the pair well and one of them will not be offend; for example, language courses or courses on playing guitar for one person – such a gift can be regarded as a kind of contribution to the budget of a young couple).

The conclusion is in order not to put yourself or others in an awkward position, you should be aware of the interests and habits of the addresses of your idea.

If you think that this will not be enough, a win-win option is a comic wedding certificate made as real. Such a document can look like a brilliant spoof. Everything depends on what kind of situation and with what facial expression it will be presented.
For example, you can make a wedding certificate confirming that the bride of your best friend, who has a wedding today, is already married to you and you will become the one who will say this contradicting “no” during the wedding ceremony.
Birth certificate confirming that one of the child’s parents is today’s groom or bribe works faultlessly, but more cruelly.

Ideally, you need to talk to one or more friends for this escapade, perhaps even relatives, and then open this secret in the presence of accomplices, show the certificate and wait for the response.

Represent it all plausibly and it will certainly have the desired result, and the spoof for a while will attract everyone’s attention to a mystery that has been revealed.

The main point is not to overdo it

The wedding certificate in the original language looks more natural.

If the bride and groom recently traveled separately, you can preorder marriage certificate translation into the language of the country in which one of them was. Add to it fake photos of a funny adventures or print a comic report of credit cards with payment of the wedding ceremony or a statement from the agency about buying or selling the apartment. You probably know the number of your friend’s credit cards.

For example, if someone from the addressees of the certificate went on vacation in Brazil, you can simply search the Internet for neighboring hotels or places where you can arrange the wedding ceremony, print out photos of this place with the indication on the map. Then, when you are ready to order the certificate, ask for English to Brazilian translation of it, and when handing over simply ask someone to translate the written text if the newlyweds do not know the language or prepare a translation in advance.

However, in the first place it is worth thinking about the temperament and touchiness of future newlyweds – if you are a real friend then you should know whether they will be entertained with such a spoof or it will spoil one of the most important celebrations in their life.

The most important thing when the spoof turned out successfully is not to miss the moment of disclosure. Then the happy bride and groom will laugh for a long time, be embarrassed and most likely will get drunk with you, and will have your epic gift in the frame in their house.

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