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Preparing for Study Abroad

Studying abroad offers many benefits, as well as adventures, new acquaintance and prospective professional connections around the world. Learning a foreign language is an obvious advantage,  comparing to students who speak native language only. Can you imagine, how many  opportunities you will have, studying in the most prestigious universities in the world!

However, foreign education and preparation process for admission require a lot of intellectual and financial investment. Therefore, when you make a decision to study abroad, from that moment you start to get used to totally different routine  related to translation and evaluation procedures as well as a new academic particularities.  It is fair to say that each country has its own unique evaluation system, with Grade Point Average scores and other such an important elements of educational mechanism.

When you come to foreign country to get higher education you need to evaluate all  your original diplomas, transcripts, references and other important documents needed for admission process. Let’s say you come to the United States  university from France. What will you do first? Yes, you will need to translate all your documents from French to  English.  Since your academic transcripts as well as medical records have to be certified, our company is always happy to provide you professional service with translation and certification.

Translation Services USA provide wide range of certified translation, such as:

Birth certificate translation and passport translation — for proving your identity overseas.

Diploma and transcript translation and high school certificate translation — to prove your academic achievements, whether for use in a foreign school or when transferring credits from abroad.

Immunization card translation and medical report translation — to ensure you are allowed to cross international borders and be admitted to certain schools, depending on regulations.

Document translation — for translating your academic papers and any other work.

Therefore, even you a newbie in the country and facing with wide range of difficulties with document translations and other records important for attending school, the team of  Translation Services USA  is always here for you. Our company has 16 years of experience Translation Services USA has become one of the most professional  reliable translation companies.

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