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Beneficial Alternatives to Google Translate

Most of the businesses oriented to the worldwide services provide localized content on their websites. Actually this is one of the best ways to get known on the global market, since potential customers and partners obtain information about your company in their native languages.
Obviously, one of the most common tools, providing machine translation was Google Translate source. This source, having a lot of competitors, can be boldly named as a leader of translation tools. Nevertheless, nothing is forever and Google corporation made a decision to refuse from widget, which cause a frustration of significant number of companies, providing multilingual content to their partners and customers all around the world. Thus, there is no any option to download the widget or use existed widget on your portal (it will simply not respond). According to official announcement, these changes already took place in some companies all over the world, which brought an apparent decrease of customer flow.

On the other hand, even Google Translate became a top translation tool, this situation with all changes may be beneficial for other translation bureaus, providing localization of the websites.

We proud to announce, that our translation platform ConveyThis, our sister company, works with all major content management systems. One of its benefits is a simple way to use and it is absolutely doesn’t require any payment, it is free service for small blogs and personal sites. Also ConveyThis offers a various subscription plans (basically created for larger sites), that will provide you control over the number of languages you deal with, as well the content of your website. Another beneficial aspect is that all translation files are stored in the system, which makes the whole process convenient and accessible at any time.

Therefore, seeking for alternative services, translation market offers a wide range of machine translation tools, however not all of them bring accurate outcome. In this way, those organizations, which are still looking for the right solution for their website translation, in order to attract international customers, can definitely try Obviously, this tool is the easiest way to get your website translated.

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