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Are There Benefits in Translating Your Employee Handbook?

The properly written employee handbook will help to keep your employees informed on policies, expectations, rules, and company standards. By translating your employee handbook with a professional translation company extends these benefits to all employees in your work place, especially if they are written in the employees first language.

Employee handbooks serve a large purpose to help with organization, culture and structure of businesses. They are used as an essential tool to help new employees become accustom to their position as well as working with their new colleagues.

Leaving non English speaking employees without the proper knowledge they need to help grow your company.

Translating you employee handbook with help train all new employees, offer equal opportunities, and could even save you money in the long run!

Increasing Productivity in the Work Place

Informed employees are always more likely to perform their job better and be confident in their work. Tasks completed daily are performed better and faster as employees get more comfortable with the work.

Having a point of reference for all workers also helps an employee clearly understand their role within the company as well as the role of their colleagues. Trying to reach the same level of understanding with a language barrier is very difficult and can cause strain in the work environment.

Getting All Employees In Line With Company Policy        

Employee handbooks play a large role in companies. They help keep everyone from new hires to long timers informed as to what they are expected of daily, and what the company can also do for them. Providing all employees with the same information will keep productivity flowing and will also keep employees working efficiently by themselves but also as a team.

Who Should Translate Your Company Handbook?

Translating an employee handbook is also something that should be done professionally. Having this done by someone in house may save you money – however, this type of task should be done by a professional translator or professional company who can assure your work is being handled by someone with not only a translation degree but also a degree or background in  HR. Having an employee handbook translated is a task that should be taken seriously and should be done correctly with the proper steps and care taken to ensure the message you are trying to get across is the same in each language.

Choosing what languages

Languages suggested for employee handbook translated are based on where your companies locations are – are you an international company – do you work with employees all over the world? In the US it is suggested that handbooks be at least translated into Spanish. However, the most common languages are Spanish, Chinese, and French.

Keeping all employees informed of company policies, expectations, dangers, hazards, employee rights, and points of contact is an essential to keep all employees educated and aware. This is also beneficial to a company to ensure the growth and productivity of employees in the work place. This should be available to employees of all languages that work for your company.

At Translation Cloud, we offer professional employee handbook translation. We have translators in over 75 different languages and we also have translators who specialize in HR. We also understand that Employee Handbooks need to be updated from year to year – that is where our Loyalty Policy comes into better assist you! Ask a customer service representative about what we offer at Translation Cloud that will keep you coming back!

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