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Software Localization – Why is this Important For Your Business?

If you are looking to expand your business- not only the U.S. market but internationally as well, investing in Software localization is proven to be the best way. Customers tend to buy from companies that take their clients culture and local practices into consideration.

Software Localization – is more than just translation. Aside from translating the product contents, translators also need to localize the software. Some companies are unaware of the difference between translation and localization. Localizing a software product is a bit more complex – the translator must follow the process of adapting the translated contents to meet their target language audience. Internationalization this is the process that occurs before localization. It ensures the software can easily be adapted for all target languages, it reduces time and cost for localization, provides simpler maintenance and reduces the overall cost of ownership.

Benefits of Software Localization?

While many non-native speakers will be able to make out the meaning of commands such as “Open” or “Close”, some may struggle with the more important notifications that may come along when using the product. Having a clear message is not the only reason that software localization may turn out to be the best idea – there is much more!

–  Market share sales are sure to increase both locally and internationally. Having your software localized into one or more languages becomes easier for your company to expand worldwide. The products can now be sold to users across the world increasing your sales and profit.

– If your software is translated and localized accurately, you will be able to  group your potential buyers and convince them to use your software in their native language.

– Software localization is a great stradegy to build a strong brand internationally. It helps to gain trust and loyalty of your potential customers.

– If your customers have a full understanding of the text displayed they will be able to use the product correctly as well as learn.

Customer Satisfaction

If you are going to spend the money on globalizing your company’s operation, you cannot afford to take any short cuts. So many companies have done this and ended up with a new slogan that translates into something not exactly meant for the target country – which could be funny, but could also be offensive.

Localization helps you to prevent this awful intense fall. It will provide support and will also be an engaging experience for your customer base.

When it comes down to expanding and globalizing your company there is no reason to not do it! If you have a very driven business strategy  and you are looking to increase your revenue, market share, and customer base, this is the answer you have been waiting for!

Make sure you have completed your research before jumping into the world of Localization – because diving head first is not the best strategy if you do not know what you are getting into.

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