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Ask and You Shall Receive

Translation Cloud’s motto is “if the customer desires it, it can be done.” Translation Cloud is a translation firm that prides itself on meeting our customers’ demands, regardless of the time or situation. Yet similar to a lawyer will not comply with a customer’s requests if it would break his code of principles, we will certainly never ever ask our translators to create a translation that does not follow the translation industry’s requirements and norms. Exactly what does this suggest?

The cardinal guideline of translation– as well as particularly of certified translation– is that the completed translation be one of the most exact performances possible of the source record. In other words, a finished translation ought to be a mirror image of the document that has actually been equated, other than in a different language. Of course translation is not a precise science, and also often to generate the best translation feasible an experienced translator must make minor modifications in syntactic arrangement or syntax to properly share the significance as well as intent of the resource record.

Yet a moral translator– and consequently an ethical translation business– could not “insert” words right into the translation (especially a legal translation) that did not exist in the resource file, or re-arrange paragraphs and also sentences in such a way that the intention as well as definition of the source paper is altered. This would certainly be underhanded, and also given that licensed legal translations are often sent in court, in some cases this would additionally protest the regulation. Again, changes that make the translation more understandable and also acceptable (if the resource record was garbled or consisted of phrase structure and also punctuation errors) are acceptable for the most parts, and also Translation Cloud will aleays try to suit our clients’ requests. But we will certainly never ever ask a translator to change and also accredit a translation that he does not think is a real as well as exact representation of the initial paper.

To sum up– Translation Cloud will do everything possible to fulfill our clients requests as well as give them just what they want– unless we can’t for lawful or moral reasons. As well as we think our customers– specifically our legal translation clients– respect that.

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