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Interpreting and Translation for Events

The first half of 2017 has been a whirlwind of global situations. Transformations throughout the Arab globe, new world leaders, and natural disasters have captured headlines and forced the media to dedicate more coverage to international news.

At Translation Cloud, we have noticed a considerable increase in requests from clients in the media sector for translation as well as analysis services for Arabic and other languages. For example, we received multiple requests for interpreters to translate speeches and comments of rebel leaders in Syria and Turkey.

Translation is always a major business, but much more so when it involves breaking information as well as the precision of a converted speech, blog, or Twitter feed can influence information insurance coverage and also how a global audience comprehends global occasions. We take this obligation seriously and also use additional safeguards to ensure that translators and interpreters we depend on for these tasks are not only knowledgeable and also well-informed but also honest, flexible, as well as understand ways to promptly respond to changing information and also circumstances.

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