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Save Money and Maximize The Value with Translation Memory

Translation memory maximization and money saving People are always trying to purchase a product at the best price, but without losing the quality features they require. Usually this bargain must give up either a good price or a refinement level, but is not always true when it comes to translation. Of course, hiring a professional…

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What is Ad-Hoc Interpreting – How it Works?

Many countries like The United States of America have a long history of immigrant communities. Although a country’s indispensability of immigrant workers and their skills varies through time, it is inevitable to say that such communities enrich a country’s cultural and economic life, especially the life of the city in which they are mostly concentrated….

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Global Email Marketing

Based on the 2019 DMA study, it seems businesses tend to receive an ROI of 42 USD for every dollar spent on their email marketing. This proves that this kind of marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing disciplines. Email marketing basically means sending a commercial message through emails. The commercial message sent to a…

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Global Marketing: Your Complete Online Expansion Strategy

As businesses are growing and breaking the boundaries of their home market, such occurrences must be followed by reinvention, reorganization and new insights about what are the expectations and needs of the international audience in general or, at least, the audience in the targeted part of the world. Practically, this means that domestic winning strategies,…

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Product Localization: All You Need to Know

The expansion and development of technology to the extend and forms in which it is available today has immensely improved and upgraded international communication and exchange. Although giant corporations has never had much trouble into emerging on the markets of a completely different part of the world, new forms of technology have enhanced even business…

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Battle of the Languages – Korean vs Chinese

As South Korea and The People’s Republic of China are becoming more influential on the international stage, both in business and politics, this is the exactly same path their culture and languages follow. Besides the linguistic situation being very complex within these languages, it is a similar phenomenon reflecting the relationship between these two languages….

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Which Languages Are Spoken in India?

India is a country rich and flourishing with diverse languages and traditional culture. The number of languages noted on the Indian subcontinent is so immense that it is the second place in the world having so many languages used all over the country. In fact, India is one of the largest countries in the world…

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How Many Spanish Languages Are There?

According to the number of native speakers, the Spanish language is the second most spoken language in the world, just after Mandarin Chinese. However, this is just the beginning of questioning how much we actually know about it. Most people believe that Spanish is a unique, wholesome language, which is spoken in Spain, and it…

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What is Google Translate doing to the translation profession?

Machine translation tool, Google Translate, appeared in 2006 bringing a bit of distrust and dissatisfaction on one hand, and a sigh of relief on the other. Those who were a bit intimidated by a modern tool at that time, were the translators and other people whose business was closely related to the translation industry, but…

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How To Translate User-Generated Content?

Translating User-Generated Content As an average internet user, have you ever heard about UGC or user-generated content? Don’t worry, especially because you are probably using or creating it all the time. Why is user-generated content so important in today’s media and its translation? First of all, it can largely give you the picture of the…

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