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Clean and Simple Website Translation

Before your translation project can begin, you’ll need to do a bit of prep work to make sure everything goes smoothly. Clean localization entails rewriting resource material and simplifying copy without losing your original meaning. Simpler text is faster and easier to localize.

Produce careful design guides and also references to be sure your brand voice as well as design is consistent across every little thing you localize. Design guides must be developed in close cooperation with translators experienced and also proficient in branding. Glossaries, similar to design guides, will certainly assist translators in utilizing consistent terminology for words with several basic synonyms.

Keep your documents organized! If you’re translating text into languages that you do not recognize, it’s very easy to end up re-translating web content if it is not organized correctly. Use solid naming conventions and folder frameworks for your files to ensure that it’s very easy not only for you to explore, but for colleagues and translators as well.

Clean localization will certainly save you time and money as well as provide your visitors with a far better experience.

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