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Dog Translator – For Sale on Amazon

Pet Owners thought this day would never come, and some of us are still hesitant to believe this is true – however, we are not making this one up – Amazon has this unusual device on sale. It is a gadget that is attached to your dog or cat collar and can now help pet owners communicate with their very own best friend!

A research was conducted very heavily on this subject matter and scientists are saying this is only the beginning. Animal loving doctors are putting their ambition into making this fantasy a reality. While these devices are in the beginning stages and may not be fully developed for the next 10 years, they are absolutely in the works – and we have a feeling these may just take off.

Dr. Con Slobodchikoff, a professor at the Department of Biological Sciences at Northern Arizona University started studying the behavior of prairie dogs for more than 30 years.  Dr. Slobodchikoff is very hopeful that this technology may one day advance to become an everyday part of life. There are others who are not sure if this will ever be a successful device. If humans can understand what a dog is trying to say by their behaviors, facial expressions, growling and barks, this can make dealing with pets much easier.

A psychologist at Portsmouth University, Juliane Kaminski at Portsmouth Universe is one of the less hopeful individual. She studies behavior and interactions between dogs and people. Ms. Kaminski thinks this will not be successful mainly because a dogs bark cannot be viewed as a language.  The devices may be able to help young children and people with a lack of intuition understand the signals a dog is giving, but it would not be entirely accurate all the time. A dog also communicates through tale wags – and depending on what the dog is being fed would determine the speed, direction, and length of a tale wag.

The device for cats that is currently on sale right now on the Amazon website, transfers a human voice into cat meows with over 175 quality samples from more than 25 different cats. Believe it or not the reviews are not so bad for this device. Some people indicated their cat was scared, while others say it seems to really get their felines attention.

The device for dogs was a project that has been “put on pause” according to the founder. It was a headset that was meant to measure the brain activity to help decipher what the dog was thinking via a speaker device on the collar. Those involved gave insight – and well, let’s just say it was as promising as an animal lover would hope. “It was extremely limited”, said Tomas Mazetti, “It could tell you the dog was tired or angry.” And that information can be easily observed by one anyway.

While dog and cat owners around the world will be waiting patiently for the next 10 years for this “incredible device of the future” to be available – there is still a lot of work that must done, and a lot of boundaries to overcome in order to make this device a thing of “today”.

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