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Exciting New Changes to Our Work Assignment System for Translators.


Today we’re announcing a huge adjustment to the way we examine efficiency, share info, as well as assign work amongst translators. Some of these are features you’ve requested; others will certainly aid our consumers as Translation Cloud expands. We believe you’ll be delighted.

Efficiency Scorecard

Your internal account data now features a personalized scorecard revealing your efficiency as a Translation Cloud translator. The scorecard focuses on rate as well as quality, and gives us a summary of the volume of your output at Translation Cloud.

Top quality

The major quality metric is your typical task high quality ranking, from task testimonials by other translators. Task ratings are based on a variety of major and minor mistakes they find, and have a range of 0 (numerous errors) to 10 (no mistakes). Not all translators have been examined yet. If you are new to Translation Cloud, or you have actually not finished a work recently, your rating may be vacant. Our goal is to have all active translators checked by July 2017.


Your rate is determined by the number of projects you have translated, split by your working hours on Translation Cloud (the moment from when you get a work to the time you submit it). We have actually included speed since it’s a vital attribute of Translation Cloud’s solution, and we also want to prevent translators from getting tasks without starting them. We do NOT wish for you to compromise quality for speed, but we do want you to start working quickly, as well as return works back to clients as quickly as you can. We’ve established an initial sweet area of ~ 250 words/hour– exactly how does your typical speed compare?

Note: In the future, we want to differentiate between character- and word-based languages, in addition to other metrics.

Work Allotment

Just recently we have actually been experimenting with much better models compared to our “first come, first serve” system for assigning projects. Under the new system, your accessibility to tasks will be based mainly on things in your “scorecard”: the quality and also rate of your localization. New translators will likewise be provided a better chance for assignment, to make sure that they can develop their score. This will give a larger group of translators access to work, because assignment will not be determined by the speed of your mouse clicks, but your capacity to do great work with time. We’ll continuously adjust the system, but we’ll tell you when we make major modifications.

This means you’ll be rewarded for high efficiency, and also our clients will enjoy a better experience. Sounds great, right? We’re certain that these adjustments will assist Translation Cloud in being a fairer and more rewarding place for you to work.

Ready to become a Translation Cloud translator? Join us.

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