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Patent Translation, the Patent Collaboration Treaty, and Direct National Filing

While many inventors choose to submit their patent applications via the Patent Collaboration Treaty (PCT) path, in particular cases it makes sense to apply for patent security using direct national filing. This is an excellent alternative if you are only filing in a couple of nations.

For example, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Jordan, Argentina, Pakistan, and Lebanon are non-PCT countries where applicants must submit directly, as usual. Direct filing typically works according to the Paris Convention, which states that candidates must submit their license application in signatory countries and regions on year from the date of inception. Every country has its own, separate patent application procedures and also requirements, which typically include localizing the application into several of the country’s official languages.

If you have inquiries about direct national filing for patents, Translation Cloud is glad to be of assistance. We could help you submit your patent to over 180 nations and territories.

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