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The Best Dates for International Ecommerce Sales

As more individuals overseas change their buying routines, the idea of one single, seasonal “holiday sale” has begun to fade, as different people and cultures have their own holidays and gift-giving traditions all throughout the year. And if you’re in ecommerce and still not marketing your products overseas, you’re missing out! To prepare, you need to be aware of some of these holidays around the world:

Black Friday

Major gift-purchasing day Black Friday (the day after American Thanksgiving) and its internet counterpart “Cyber Monday” on the Monday after, have actually transitioned from American traditions into truly international events, reaching as far as Canada, the UK, Ireland, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Japan, and more.

Singles Day

In China, Singles Day on November 11 is the single biggest internet shopping time, rivaling even Black Friday in America. It’s a celebration of being single—kind of an anti-Valentine’s Day!

Click Frenzy

Similar to Black Friday, in Australia people begin Christmas shopping online on November 18 in an event known as Click Frenzy—and trends show that Australians make most of their purchases from overseas business!


India’s largest holiday Diwali is also its biggest time of the year for shopping. The time varies from year to year, but online sales and promotions are common for goods targeted at an Indian market during this time.

Green Monday

Though it began in America as a promotion by eBay, “Green Monday” (the second Monday in December) is virtually unknown there today. However, in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, many Nordic nations, Austria, and even Japan, Green Monday is a big day for online holiday shopping.

Even the smallest internet sellers can take advantage of international sales, so be prepared with a full website translation and make sure your product descriptions are accessible to foreign buyers before the dates above!

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