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Translation for International Litigation

Lately, there has been a rising trend in international lawsuits, which has lead to a greater need for litigation translation. Legal translation services such as document translation and interpreting can help clients during discovery, and can prove crucial in winning a case.

Large tech companies based in different nations, such as in recent lawsuits between American company Apple and Korean Samsung, for example, require different languages in a single court case.

In an international trial, during the discovery stage, countless foreign-language documents are gathered that can relate to the lawsuit, the cost of translating each of which can really add up. If you are involved in such a suit, ask if your translator can translate summaries of key texts. With this technique, and good record keeping, you can save both time and money by ensuring that you translate only those documents that you truly need.

And keep in mind that if any translated documents will need to be submitted in court, you absolutely must acquire a certified translation of the text, in addition to any other special requirements by the court regarding its accreditation. Many overseas courts may require a notarized (or apostille) accreditation.

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