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Translation Cloud and “Localization Everywhere”

Translation Cloud is just one example in a fad where we see the globalization area progressing thanks to technology developers that do not have a profoessional linguistics background–yet as experts in developing extremely scalable, very economical globalization innovation and services, they will ultimately make “localization anywhere” a real possibility.

The combination of crowd-sourced “localization with a human voice” plus innovation that makes it possible for enormous range, speed, as well as predictable quality. It is a powerful way to fill the current void between premium, conventional localization and the best qualities of machine translation. Most market experts see perfect machine translation as a minimum of 15 or so years out, with severe post-editing still needed.

Crowd-sourced human localization bridges that space in an SEO-friendly way, and again assists us jointly towards the “localization everywhere” vision. In order for localization to be almost everywhere, with the huge amount of web content that still remains to be localized (for instance, social media, UGC, video, sound, large data …), there needs to be a way to do the mass localization cheaply. Machine translation is a huge component of the service, and so is mass-crowdsourcing, for the factors pointed out above.

So much content is out there waiting to be localized. The number of crowd-sourcing resources has to be massive for this to work. There are inadequate specialist translators for all the possible material that ought to be local. So we have to make the localization tools and procedure straightforward and sufficient to draw in lay bilinguals in order to help increase the pool, and scalably show as well as grow them towards the pro-level.

The simpleness of Translation Cloud accomplishes this. It likewise makes it really simple for specialist translators to participate whenever they have spare time from their more complex tasks, even from their phones, to make sure that they could supplement their incomes.

Translation is finally an actual component of mainstream business thinking, and we are all–whether clients, modern technology manufacturers, LSPs, consultants, crowdsourcers or whatever other new participants–really changing the world.

Go global with Translation Cloud’s people-powered localization platform.

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