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Translation Cloud Now Offers Audio and Video Transcription Services


Translation Cloud has introduced a new service for handling language needs for audio and video files, adding to their already full catalog of award-winning translation services for businesses and individuals alike.

Translation Cloud’s transcription service provides dynamic options, based completely on the customer’s needs. By offering the service for practically any audio and video format, customers can receive a detailed transcription of the audio, with each speaker clearly delineated, if there are multiple speakers present in the file. Clients can also request time stamps at whichever interval they desire at no extra charge. Where Translation Cloud’s service differs from many other transcription service providers is that once the transcription is completed, Translation Cloud can also translate the text into any number of languages at the customer’s request.

With the addition of transcription services, Translation Cloud has become an all-inclusive solution for any and all language needs.

“We wanted to offer businesses and individuals a ‘one-stop-shop’, so to speak, so whatever their needs may be, from basic translation to audio and video localization, they don’t have to go searching for multiple companies to handle their requests,” says Alex Buran, CEO of Translation Cloud.

In addition to the transcription services now available, Translation Cloud can also provide professional voice-over and subtitling as well.

With over ten years of experience in the translation industry, Translation Cloud is quickly earning the reputation as a major provider for translation and localization services in a $33.5 billion industry.

To find out more about Translation Cloud’s transcription services, please click here.

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