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Translation Cloud Now Provides Video Captioning and Subtitling Services

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Translation Cloud is now catering to the video and film market by adding captioning and subtitling services to their fast-growing arsenal of language service solutions.

Video is increasingly becoming the most popular medium on the web for bringing content to viewers.  So much so that the FCC is now making it a requirement for all videos to offer both open and closed captioning on the internet. That being the case, Translation Cloud is now branching out from their award-winning translation services, by also catering to language formatting needs as well. Translation Cloud consistently stays up to date on the latest technical requirements for web content, so clients can be sure their videos will meet all FCC and ADA requirements for open and closed captioning, as well as Section 508 guidelines.

“With all of the video content on the web to date, we know how difficult it can be for content owners to keep up with the FCC regulations,” says Alex Buran, CEO of Translation Cloud. “Our goal is to provide the easiest method possible for content owners to caption their videos without having to spend an arm and a leg, or hundreds of hours doing it themselves.”

Translation Cloud works with practically any video format available today, including: AVI, Flash, MOV, MP4, Ogg, PCM, VOB, WAV and 3GP/3GP2 and can provide captioning formats in Cheetah, DFXP, Quicktime Timed Text, Scenarist, Spruce Subtitle, SubRip, Timed Text, Transcript, WebVTT, and XML.

With Translation Cloud’s services, clients can also choose between traditional and verbatim transcription (which includes all spoken content including filler words, backtracks, speech errors, etc.). By offering both options at the same low-rate, clients can have the choice to offer the best captioning method for their target audience.

To kick off their new captioning service campaign, Translation Cloud is now offering a lower per-minute rate for all captioning orders placed in the months of April and May.

To find out more about Translation Cloud’s captioning and subtitling services, please click here.

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