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What is a Term Glossary and Why Do You Need One?


Term glossaries are a brand-new translation services feature providing you precision as well as control over your translation content, allowing you to easily maintain consistent terminology and a common brand voice across all localizations in an language, no matter the number of translators you work with. Learn the ins-and-outs and advantages of using Term Glossaries and produce your own today:

What is a Term Glossary?

A Term Glossary is a collection of commonly utilized terms and expressions, as well as various other defined words that recur in both your source and target languages: firm names, model numbers, taglines, product function names, hallmarks, and service slogans.

Getting started.

The initial step is developing the glossary you want to make use of. Just follow these standards:

  • Compose a checklist of all important and also regularly utilized terms (or ask Translation Cloud for assistance).
  • Add your new listing of terms to an Excel file.
  • Order a localization of your checklist making use of Translation Cloud’s around the world team of translators.
  • Keep in mind the terms contributed to your reference will be the standard for future localizations. Select them sensibly.

Already have a glossary? Perfect! Send it to Translation Cloud and we’ll ensure it’s integrated into your account quickly and in the ideal format. We’ll see to it your glossary is formatted just right as well as include it to your account.

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