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Translation Cloud’s 2017 Progress Report. Off to a Good Start!

We’re now officially half-way through 2017, and Translation Cloud’s had a terrific year so far! We figured it was time for progress report, where we’ll review the things we’ve achieved, as well as a preview of what’s to come throughout the rest of the year. Our mission to translate the world’s content is simply beginning!


A few of our achievements in 2017:

  • 80+ million words localized
  • 22,000 translators
  • 24 international trips
  • 2,310 Skype calls
  • 85 international video conferences
  • 6 brand-new employees

Despite professional translation still being our most requested service, the number of apps localized has significantly increased over the numbers from 2016. We’re also starting some brand-new projects in 2017 to give you even more quality alternatives. Our vision is to become the platform for global communication.

Translation Cloud has also added support for even more languages. We have also included additional dialects for Arabic and Hindi, and we’re seeing these sets expand in popularity perfectly! Our client approval rating continuous to hover near 100%. It is very important to take a look at this information in parallel with the volume increase over the year. We’re striving to maintain this typical going as we scale even further this year.

We’ve continued to expand our Translator Articles section, which we introduced last year, showcasing vital localization topics.

With 22,000 certified translators on the system, monitoring the quality of output has ended up being a bigger and more complex, but much more satisfying, job. And we’ve worked a lot more closely with our experienced translators to supply more hands-on responses as well as nurturing of brand-new translators.

Our goals for the rest of 2017:

  • Imrpoved developer tools to make it very easier to integrate the Translation Cloud API.
  • Simpler API integrity.
  • A better API feature-set, permitting even more control for programmers.
  • Better tools for translators.
  • Improvements to our glossary- and Translation Memory systems.

We’re currently hiring for 2017, in New York and Jersey City, so if you know a developer, a marketing expert, a task manager, account manager, or programmer, contact us!

Many thanks to our translators and our clients for making it a fantastic first half of 2017. We’re anticipating a great second half!

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