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Reach Global Consumers with Translation


Want to boost your brand recognition and reach out to potential customers around the globe? For businesses aiming to expand their brand abroad, adequately translating their marketing and internet content is crucial.

English content gets to much less than one-third of worldwide customers, suggesting that American businesses with English-only content are ignoring over 70% of the world’s customers, losing out on massive chances for extra earnings! Those exact same firms might possibly reach 98% of global online customers by localizing their web content into 48 languages.

Sound like a lot? Fortunately, there is a clever, cost-effective alternative: by translating your English web content into only 9 other languages, you can still rise up to 84% of global online customers! Curious which languages those are? Read below:

  • Chinese (25% of internet users)
  • Spanish (8%)
  • Japanese (5%)
  • Portuguese (4%)
  • German (4%)
  • Arabic (3%)
  • French (3%)
  • Russian (3%)
  • Korean (2%)

Those combined with the original total of English users (27%), and you can target the vast bulk of web customers around the world!

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