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Translation Cloud Raises US$2MM


We’re extremely proud to announce that Translation Cloud has raised a Series B investment of US$2 million. The financial investment included our Collection A financiers.

Translation Cloud enjoyed an effective 2016, and our team and experience has enabled us to continue to do well throughout 2017 and beyond. Successes like our integration with YouTube are great examples of us achieving our mission of translating the world’s content.

What does this investment mean to us at Translation Cloud? Chiefly, it’s a greatly-appreciated recognition of our advances in translation technology, including translation memory and crowdsourcing. Our platform earned us an INC Hire Power award in 2012, and we’ve continued to grow and expand and provide record numbers of individuals access to a rewarding and convenient job.

What’s next?

For our clients, look for some exciting new features for localizing at scale, and tools to make the Translation Cloud API faster and easier to incorporate into your applications.

For our translators, we’re big on assisting you by improving on supplying continual feedback on your performance.

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