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Translation Cloud now accepting Bitcoin payments!


Exciting news: Translation Cloud now accepts Bitcoin for payments for all projects ordered through our website!

Translation Cloud, a leader in the translation industry for over 15 years, has always been at the forefront of technology when it comes to the translation services and other products it offers, and now it extends that forward-thinking ideology to its client services as well by offering Bitcoins as an alternative payment method, in addition to already accepting all credit cards, PayPal, bank wire transfers, and business checks.

Bitcoin is an “open source P2P money,” a virtual, decentralized, international currency. Because it’s entirely digital, all transactions are encrypted and verified by a vast network of “miners,” often using specialized hardware dedicated solely to the task of discovering (and distributing) the unique values that make up and give value to Bitcoin as a currency.


Starting today, you can now pay for translation projects on Translation Cloud using Bitcoin simply by selecting the option from the payment page, grouped next to the credit card options. When submitting your order, simply select the Bitcoin tab from the pop-up, enter your account information, and follow the prompts to transfer your money. Once the transaction has been verified, the form will submit and your order will be placed, just the same as if you’d paid by by credit card or through PayPal.

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