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Q: Why is Localization Important? A: Fried Fish!

Now more than ever, localization (and not just simply translation) is one of the most important aspects of being able to compete globally. Even mega sites like Amazon sometimes struggle competing with smaller providers who can offer a better, more relatable experience to users in foreign markets.

Just translating your documents or the words of your website into a foreign language is no longer enough to build a brand abroad. You must make certain that the translator is a native of the target country, so as to be well-informed about regional social quirks. You must be able to express your text in a way that is carefully worded and speaks to the locals of your target market.

Idioms are one major aspect of reaching out and being understood. As an example, if your site included the expression “I have other fish to fry,” if you translate it literally, a German or French speaker may be perplexed at how frying a fish could relate to the product or service you are selling. Instead, a more localized version of the phrase, such as “j’ ai d’autres talks à fouetter” in France, would do much better at conveying your message.

At Translation Cloud, translators for tasks entailing our localization services are picked not only on the basis of their experience in the suitable area, but additionally on their native tongue and regional knowledge. Localization is a crucial element in making sure that your translation has the maximum impact in the target market!

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