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Brands Reach a Global Audience by Localized Content Marketing

Becoming a global marketplace nowadays, the world has given brands the potential to extend and expand their business all over the world. In this way, an opportunity of reaching various clients to the remotest corners of the planet has immensely risen and enabled commerce to stretch and acquire another dimension. What was regarded impossible just half a century ago, today is being achieved in a span of few minutes or even seconds.

The factor which increases a brands success is reflected in an alluring structure and choice of words to create a meaningful message. Such a message, constructed from carefully placed words, is there to reach the global audience, offering a solution to their problems. That very solution is shaped into the brand’s product and must communicate with people of different cultures and languages in such a way to leave an impression that is meant uniquely for them. In other words, it must be both universal and personal simultaneously.

To convey the right message across the continents and countries, the most powerful tool is to safely land on the other side is content and content marketing. While content represents means developed by content marketing, content marketing, with its strategy and methods, stands for a laboratory or a factory that provides all the necessary elements to put them together.

If content marketing successfully produces a valuable content, than localized content marking triples its value, making sure it attracts more users and turns them into satisfied and loyal customers.

What is content marketing?

Useful content that helps the target audience understand the brand and the product quickly and clearly, building strong mutual connections by developing sympathy and trust, is the foundation of any marketing campaign.

Since traditional marketing strategies have proved to be malfunctioning in the new international marketplace, new ones had to be given space. Therefore, content marketing has taken the leading role in global businesses and commerce.

First of all, it is necessary to set a goal. In general, the goal in this field is to create and distribute relevant, consistent, valuable, and useful content that will find a way to a defined audience. If all done well, such audience is to become loyal customers with the right information in the future. Even more, a loyal audience is already a productive content marketing, recommending its right choice to friends and family, thus waiving a thicker and wider net of satisfied clients.

Primary goal of content marketing in total should be helping the audience solve the issue that gives them a headache. Instead of sending out heavy-handed sales pitches, create blog posts, articles, white papers, and videos that show your audience that you care about their overall experience and satisfaction, whether or not they buy your product or service, and more, it is better to create a productive content marketing strategy.

Developing a strong content marketing strategy will be a proof to the audience that the brand management knows, understands their preferences and experiences, and above all, cares about their needs.

Regardless of how profitable can content written in English be, it still downsizes the overall possibilities since only 20% of your potential global audience speaks English. Hence, the other 80% must be covered in at least other major languages or the languages of the target area, if not even in the languages of smaller communities. Anyway, content marketing is something that must be resorted to, having in mind that 70% of all consumers prefer content marketing to traditional advertising.

You need localized content for a global community

If trusted to the hands of skilled and experienced translators, people of different background, culture and tradition across the world will be able to learn about the product or the service in question. Aside from just being informed about the existence of the possible solution to their problem, the audience can learn how such a solution can be performed and how it can add value to a specific task and or for their lives.

Similar to communicating a message to international markets with the same nuances typical of English speaking markets, including factors such as local dialects within languages, holidays celebrated, and favorite sports, the same pattern, or similar, should be adhered to in other languages.

In favor of this observation goes the statistics that say that 72.4% said they would visit websites with local translation. More information come from the 72.1% of consumers visit websites in their local language. What is a positive surprise is that 56.2% of the surveyed said that they might pay more to receive translated information about a product or service. In total, these numbers prove that the majority of people prefer to be addressed in their own language. This is how they feel more welcomed and at home. Feeling thus comfortable, they are more likely to make a purchase.

The reason why more business leaders are resorting to high-caliber translations and talented translators is the fact that localization, through thoughtful translation, expands the reach of your brand’s content. By communicating to the target audience in their own language, combined with a healthy dose of localized nuances, appreciation and commitment to their satisfaction is clearly shown. That sort of concern will result in building trust and forming genuine connections, empowering them in the future.

Focus on creating authentic content

Content marketing has been adding more and more to its value, especially during the newly-formed atmosphere in the global business and commerce of 2020. Precisely, it has become critically significant during the first two quarters of the year.

Since many habits of old ways of doing business and trade have been limited, everyone, from business owners to consumers, had to think of a solution how to keep their business running, how to supply others and how to be supplied. In order to prevent it all from collapsing, business owners, team leaders, department heads, and decision-makers amplified the content marketing strategies. They continued searching for authentic content to help them find the best path forward.

In such a way, brands were given a wonderful opportunity to deliver that valuable insight through content.

First and foremost, write for the audience.

A thorough research must be done about what problems they could be having. Such problems should be contemplated about and offered appropriate solutions. A list of all the questions they are asking needs to be made and  such questions should be closely examined and understood. Then, the ideas of the solution they pour right there, on social media, groups, pages and websites that have similar products and services, but have shown a lack of something or some flaws. If pieces of valuable information gathered on different cyber-places are not enough to make a clear picture emerge, then simply asking certain questions will complete the search.

Create content with localization in mind.

If possible, the content itself could avoid being translated from one language into another language. Actually, highly advised is to create different content concerning habits and customs of the local people who are going to be addressed to. Therefore, thoroughly collect pieces of information regarding the customers’ needs in order to incorporate them, as well as the cultural preferences from the very beginning. Have in mind that what is appreciated in one culture, there is not even a notion of it in a remote one. Besides, some concepts do not exist. In the other languages, therefore are impossible to translate and cannot be understood accordingly.

Highlight people.

Not only should brands should enrich their offer and the customers’ experiences, but they are advised to highlight the people because the people  are what it makes a brand successful and well known. Both the clients who consume the products or the services, and the talented individuals creating experiences of the previously mentioned.

Expand your content, explore new mediums.

It is important not to cease with the action. Just keep moving. To continue spreading the message across cultures and offering in more forms of media, it is best to explore options like writing eBooks, designing infographics, or starting a podcast. Of course, be present on as more medias as possible.

It all comes back to the right technology

Nowadays expanding global reach of the brand is crucial to stay competitive. Regardless of the type of business, it is always necessary to be familiar with the trends appearing in that field, and even to foresee it and bring a refreshment to scene.

For this purpose, certain platforms can offer their translation tools that can be helpful when translating documents, games, mobile apps, or website content for peak localized content to share a brand’s purpose and value.

Simply by creating a profile there, one can get a chance to enhance his content, letting the world to discover, understand, and give trust to the newly found brand. A brand that may apply to the people’s needs and be the so wanted key to the overwhelming problem. Who knows, such a platform could be a fine place to find new connections and customers from the corners of the world that were held impossible.

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